Assessor | 870-628-4401  | Email | Staff

The Assessor is responsible for the daily operations of the County Assessor's office. The major duty is listing and valuation of real and personal property in the county as established by the Arkansas Constitution and the State Personal and Property Tax Code §26-26-717. 2

The Chief Deputy of the County Assessor is responsible for the daily assessments of county citizens’ personal and property, GIS and customer service. The County Assessor Deputy is responsible for all county personal property and business assessments, filing, and customer service.

Circuit Clerk | 870-628-3154 | Email | Staff

The Circuit Clerk is the clerk of the circuit, domestic relations, and juvenile court and usually acts as the ex-officio recorder of the county. The Circuit Clerks office prepares summons, warrants, orders, judgments, and injunctions authorized by the circuit court for delivery by the county sheriff.  This office also maintains a file of all cases pending in either court, as well as a record of all past court cases and their disposition.  In addition, the circuit clerk keeps a list of all prospective jurors.

The Chief Deputy helps maintain the records of all proceedings of the circuit courts and to prepare the dockets for these courts.  In addition, the clerk keeps a list of all prospective jurors. The Deputy Clerk is responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens and surety bonds, and many other orders and instruments which involve property within the county.

Collector | 870-628-5320 | Email | Staff

The Collector is responsible for the daily operations of the Collector's office and solid waste department. The major duty of this office is to collect personal and property taxes and process solid waste bills.

County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email | Staff

The County Clerk is responsible for the daily operations of the County Clerk Office, Quorum Court Secretary, Budget Account Figures, and delegating the responsibilities of the office. The County Clerk Chief Deputy is responsible for the daily payment of county invoices, in charge of the county probate files, in charge of tax work, Equalization Board Secretary, and assisting at the counter with marriage licenses.

The County Clerk Deputy is responsible for all county payroll procedures and for all voter registration records and assists at the counter with marriage licenses.

County Judge | 870-628-4147 | Email | Staff

The Lincoln County Judge vests broad judicial and administrative powers in the position.  The county judge presides over a nine member Quorum Court, which has budgetary and administrative authority over county government operations. The judge handles such widely varying matters such as hearings for petitions to establish a private road.  The county judge also appoints members to varying boards and may perform weddings.  The county judge is also head of civil defense and disaster relief, county welfare and prepares the county budget along with the county clerk and county treasurer. 

The county judge is also head of the county road department and responsible for the daily operations of the county road department and with the aid of the Road Foreman insures the county roads are in safe and maintained condition.

Sheriff | 870-628-4271 | Email | Staff

Long respected as the county’s top lawman, the sheriff has a range of duties that include criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, operation of the jail and other responsibilities.

Treasurer | 870-628-4816  | Email | Staff

The Treasurer is responsible for receiving all monies belonging to the county and keeping an accounting in a designated depository. The treasurer is also responsible for paying or disbursing all monies as directed by law and maintains records for all banking transactions.

Lincoln County Treasurer is the chief custodian of county finance responsible for receiving all monies belonging to the county from whatever source.  The treasurer is responsible for keeping and accounting for all monies in a designated depository: and for paying and applying or disbursing all monies in such a manner as directed by law. The county treasurer often acts as the chief liaison between the county and all depository banks.  In this capacity, he or she maintains records of all deposits and withdrawals, and reconciles all bank statements, thus assuring their accuracy and the safety of county funds.  The county treasurer is required to keep regular reports on county finance.


Title Name  Phone  Email
Assessor Rebecca Morgan  870-628-4401  Email
Assessor Chief Deputy Leonna Ahrens  870-628-4401  
Circuit Clerk Vera Reynolds  870-628-3154  Email
Circuit Clerk Chief Deputy Cindy Glover  870-628-3154
Collector Melissa Branch  870-628-5320  Email
Collector Chief Deputy Shannon Newton  870-628-5320  
Collector Deputy Donna Baxter  870-628-5320  
County Clerk  Katherine Lawson  870-628-5114  Email
County Clerk Chief Deputy Stephanie James  870-628-5114  
​County Road Department Sam Stephens  870-628-4147  
Judge Sam Stephens  870-628-4147  Email
Sheriff  Larry McGee  870-628-4271  Email 
Sheriff Chief Deputy David Parker  870-628-4271  
Treasurer  Ellen Robertson  870-628-4816  Email
Treasurer Chief Deputy Lisa McGehee  870-628-4816