County Services

The following government services are available from our county offices.

Service: Adoption and Guardianship Records
Description: Adoption and guardianship records are filed in this office. Availability is subject to privacy and legal restrictions.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Assessments
Description: The Assessor's office maintains current appraisal and assessment records, makes changes in valuations as they occur, stays abreast of property transactions within the county and keeps a file on properties updated throughout the year. Personal property assessments must be made by May 31st of each year.
Contact: Assessor | 870-628-4401 | Email
Service: Burn Ban Status
Description: It is the authority of the County Judge to determine if a burning ban should be activated. To view the latest bans, visit the Arkansas Forestry Commission's website: Burn Ban Map
Contact: County Judge | 870-628-4147 | Email
Service: Business Services
Description: County business services include corporation declarations, professional license registration, DBA (Doing Business As) declarations, minister's certificates and Notary Public registration.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Coroner Services
Description: The Coroner is responsible for reporting all county deaths and performing a full investigation, with the exception of hospice and natural cause hospital deaths (minimum of 24 hour stay at the hospital). All other deaths, including nursing home and emergency room deaths, must be reported and/or investigated by the Coroner.
Contact: Coroner | 870-628-4204
Service: Court Services
Description: County, circuit and district courts file dockets and official court records with this office.
Contact: Circuit Clerk | 870-628-3154 | Email
Service: Employment Opportunities
Description: Call or visit the Lincoln County Courthouse for a list of available jobs in county government offices.
Contact: Courthouse | 870-628-4147
Service: Law Enforcement Services
Description: Court summons, warrants, orders, judgements and injunctions are some of the legal documents issued by this office to support county law enforcement efforts.
Contact: Circuit Clerk | 870-628-3154 | Email
Service: Laws and Ordinances
Description: Contact the County Clerk for information regarding laws and ordinances specific to Lincoln County.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Marriage Licenses
Description: Marriage licenses are issued and recorded in this office. The fee for a marriage license is [need $] and both parties must be present with valid ID.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Passports
Description: Passports applications are available in our office. Birth certificate and passport photograph required.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Planning
Description: Developers must file their land use plans with our office. These include subdivisions, informal plats, tract and lot splits, commercial developments, master development plans, and planned unit developments.
Contact: Circuit Clerk | 870-628-3154 | Email
Service: Prosecuting Attorney
Description: Responsible for prosecuting drug crimes, hot checks, child abuse, and domestic violence cases in the county.
Contact: Prosecuting Attorney's Office | 870-541-5455
Service: Public Defender Services
Description: A lawyer will be assigned to your case and act on your behalf if you are unable to afford other legal counsel.
Contact: Prosecuting Attorney's Office | 870-541-5455
Service: Public Records
Description: The following records are maintained by this office: real estate taxes, personal property taxes, marriage, county courts, county roads, county schools, probate, corporations, wills, voter, mining, and cemetery.
Contact: County Clerk | 870-628-5114 | Email
Service: Public Safety
Description: Report suspicious activity or safety hazards. Sign up for alerts and stay informed.
Contact: Sheriff's Office | 870-628-4271 | Email
Service: Real Property Services
Description: Real property legal documents are recorded in this office. They include deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds, and plats.
Contact: Circuit Clerk | 870-628-3154 | Email
Service: Recycling Center
Description: Appliances, cardboard, paper, household , metals. Hours of operation: 7:00 am to 3:30 pm.
Contact: County Judge | 870-628-4147 | Email
Service: Roads
Description: County services include pothole patching and crack filling of asphalt pavements, grading of unpaved roads, shoulder repair along with guard rail maintenance and replacement, traffic sign maintenance and replacement, pavement striping, bridge inspection and maintenance, drainage structure maintenance such as culverts and ditches.
Contact: County Judge | 870-628-4147 | Email
Service: Sanitation
Description: Trash pick up. 
Contact: Collectors Office | 870-628-5320
Service: Sheriff Services
Description: County jail, warrants, crime prevention, criminal investigation, noise complaints, child abuse investigation and law enforcement.
Contact: Sheriff's Office | 870-628-4271 | Email
Service: Tax Collections
Description: Personal property and real estate taxes are collected in this office. Personal property taxes are due by October 15th of each year.
Contact: Collector | 870-628-5320 | Email