Cherokee Village

Cherokee Village City Office | 2 Suanee Drive | Cherokee Village, AR 72529 | 870-257-5522

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Name Title Phone Email
Russ Stokes Mayor 870-257-5522 Email
Ricky Crook Police Chief 870-257-5225
Johnny Pendarvis Fire Chief 870-257-2304  
Cherokee Village Statistics
Population 4648
Land Square Miles 19.89
Water Square Miles 0.87
Total Square Miles 20.75
People Per Square Mile 233.7

John A. Cooper started Cherokee Village, a retirement community located near the junction of the South Fork and Spring Rivers in 1953 with 2400 acres and a vision.

In 1994, the population had grown to 4800 people, the majority of these being retirees. Chafing under the absence of self-governance, a small group of "Concerned Citizens" spearheaded a petition campaign to seek incorporation

Responding to an overwhelming citizen signature campaign, the Fulton County Judge signed incorporation papers for that portion of the village residing within his jurisdiction in January, 1997. Denied incorporation by the Sharp County Judge, petitioners in the newly incorporated Cherokee Village West and in the Sharp County portion of the Village voted unanimously for annexation. On April 28, 1998, Cherokee Village became a united city, the largest in a three-county area.

In April 2000, the first Mayor, Marjorie A. Rogers and the City Council moved into a new city hall in Town Center.