Sharp County Extension Service

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Our Programs

University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture logoThe four program areas we focus our time in are Agriculture, 4-H, Community Development and Family & Consumer Sciences.  Issues and concerns facing Sharp County residents are addressed by the above four committees.  Our County Extension Council is utilized to examine information pertinent to the county, to assist Extension employees in the planning and implementation of developed educational programs, to assist with the evaluation of implemented programs, and to serve as an advocate for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.  These programs and services will result in improved county economic opportunities and quality of life at the county level. Our office is located inside the Sharp County Courthouse, 718 Ash Flat Drive, Ash Flat, Arkansas and by calling 870-994-7363.

For a more detailed list of services we provide, please visit the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture website.

Staff Title
Denise Frame Administrative Specialist II
Annie Lester 4-H Program Assistant
Millie Collins Family & Consumer Science Agent
J. Joe Moore County Extension Agent/Staff Chair
SNAP-ed Program Community Service 4-H Food Drive
SNAP-Ed: Local day care food and nutrition program
Community Service
Yearly food drive fills local food pantries
Reshape Yourself Program STEM Program  
Reshape Yourself Program: Members
recording weekly results
STEM Program: Science, Engineering
and Math

Agriculture Works for Arkansas

Quick Facts from the Division of Agriculture

Approximate Land Area 386,784 Acres
Average Size of Farms 262 Acres
Number of Farms 680
Land in Farms 178,199 Acres
Cropland Harvested (1) 20,841 Acres
Timber (2) 264,540 Acres
1. 2005 Cropland Harvested, National Agriculture Statistics Services, USDA
2. 2005 Forest Inventory and Analysis, USDA Forest Service
All other information from 2002 Census of Agriculture

Major Crops, Livestock and Timber

Livestock Inventory No. Sold
Cattle and Calves 31,940 17,385
Hogs and Pigs 214 507
Layers 20 Weeks and Older 425,190  
Broilers/Turkeys 13,755,996
Sources: Crop data for 2005 is from the Arkansas Agricultural Statistics Service;
Livestock data is from the 2002 Census of Agriculture
Timber Total
Timber Removed 37,118 Tons
Total computed from 1997 Severance tax Data, Department of Finance and Administration