County Officials

County Government

Title Name Phone Email Website
Assessor Kathy Nix Office: 870-994-7327 Email Website
Coroner Doug Wortham Office: 870-856-5656
Cell: 870-847-0128
County/Circuit Clerk Tommy Estes Office: 870-994-7361 Email Website
Collector Charlotte Ratliff Office: 870-994-7334 Email Website
County Judge Larry Brown  Office: 870-994-7338
Fax: 870-994-7366 
District Court Judge Mark Johnson Office: 870-994-2745 Email
Sheriff Mark Counts Office: 870-994-7356 Email Website
Surveyor Jim Sitz Office: 870-856-4141 Email
Treasurer Wanda Girtman Office: 870-994-7347 Email

County Service Contacts

Title Name Phone Email Website
Cooperative Extension Joe Moore Office: 870-994-7363 Webpage
DFA Revenue Office Jerry Martin Office: 870-994-7357
Fax: 870-994-2035
Veteran Services Gary Rogers
Office: 870-994-2408    

Quorum Court

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The Quorum Court is the legislative body of Sharp County comprised of elected Justices of the Peace. They meet the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM at the courthouse.

The Quorum Court has these duties:

  • Levy of taxes in manner prescribed by law.
  • Appropriate public funds for the expenses of the county in a manner prescribed by ordinance.
  • Preserve the peace and order and secure freedom from dangerous or noxious activities; provided, however, that no act may be declared a felony.
  • For any public purpose, contract, or join with another county, or with any political subdivision or with the United States.
  • Create, consolidate, separate, revise, or abandon any elected office or offices except during the term thereof; provided, however, that a majority of those voting on the question at a general election have approved said action.
  • Fix the number and compensation of deputies and county employees.
  • Fix the compensation of each county officer with a minimum and maximum to be determined by law.
  • Fill vacancies in elected county offices.
  • Provide for any service or performance of any function relating to county affairs.
  • Exercise other powers, not inconsistent with law, necessary for effective administration of authorized services and functions.


Title Name Phone Email
J.P., District 1 Roger Stark 870-966-3644
J.P., District 2 Darrel Kherli 870-257-2511
J.P., District 3 Greg Prenger 870-257-3290
J.P., District 4 Chuck Murphy 870-710-7281
J.P., District 5 Derek Ford
J.P., District 6 Jackie Pickett 870-528-3566
J.P., District 7 Bart Schulz 870-613-1940
J.P., District 8 Jeral Hastings 870-856-4141
J.P., District 9 Todd Price  870-283-2292